Aurora Shipping LLC is committed to provide ship repair and technical services for marine and offshore industries and ships. We undertake any types of repair, maintenance and technical services for hull, deck, engine, bridge, cargo equipment and systems

We also offer pre-purchase inspections as well as condition surveys and technical superintendence and consultancy to marine and offshore companies and ships. For all repairs, we use only the best quality and original spare parts to provide reliable remedies to keep your ships safe and in the business. Our experienced engineers group, solution-oriented technical experts, verified contractors and wide range of service networks are always ready to offer 7/24 reliable and fast service. 

-Riding Squads, Afloat Repairs

-Engine Repairs & Component Reconditioning

-Fuel Pump, Injector & Governor Services

-In situ Machining & Governor Services

-Pump Repairs

-Steel & Aluminum Fabrication and Construction

-Deck Machinery, Hydraulic & HVAC Services

-Transmission & Propulsion Systems

-Turbocharger Repairs

-Boiler Inspection & Condition Assessment

-Industrial Plant Maintenance

-Automation, Instrumentation & Calibration Services

-Motor Rewinding & Vibration Analysis

-Accommodation Refurbishment

-Cargo Tank Cleaning

-Cargo Hold Cleaning & Painting

-Servicing & Certification of LSA & FFE & CO2 Systems

-Thickness Measurement and NDT Tests

-Magnetic Compass Calibration


Aurora Shipping LLC is a supplier company in all types of spares-major and common-for main and auxiliary engines, turbochargers, pumps, air compressors, refrigeration, purifiers, freshwater generators, boilers, burners, governors, navigation, filtering, sewage treatment units, cranes, winches, hydraulic, hatch covers, shafts seals, auxiliary blowers, electrical, electronic, deck and auxiliary equipment, laundry equipment and many others.

Specializes in supporting the Shipowner and Shipmanagement companies, in providing ship spares suitable for brands. We provide ship chandlery services, ship supply, technical equipment supply, bonded store, ship repair services, cabin store, deck store and ship repair parts delivery services in transit to your vessel.



Aurora Shipping LLC offers a broad array of high-quality, fully tested and inspected, new and used marine engines.

Whether you are operating a tug boat, fishing vessel, your own personal yacht, or even a cruise ship, Worldwide Power Products has the equipment you require. We also feature fully rebuilt marine diesel engines for sale, as well as rebuildable cores. Yanmar, Man, Sulzer and Caterpillar marine engines are our specialty.

The Diesel generator market continues to grow, internationally and domestically. Worldwide Power Products offers a wide selection of quality diesel generators in sizes ranging from 20kw-2500kw.

Whether you seek portable or stationary diesel generators-for prime, continuous or standby usage-we can ensure you find what you are looking for. The simplest explanation of a generator’s function: it provides electrical power. A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an alternator (also called a generator end) to generate electrical energy. This alternator houses electrical conductors which react to the engine’s mechanical energy and convert it to useful electrical power.